MC-Building Chemicals offer an internal basement waterproofing product and system, to not only stop water from entering any basement/property but also to manage and control it.

The MC waterproofing injection system utilises 60 years of waterproofing experience in resin injection technology, where we have majored on undisruptive leak sealing of structures in brick, stone, in-situ, precast & steel bridges, and tunnels, providing a curtain injection solution of hydrostructural elastomer gel to the structure extrados, capable of dealing with heavy flow water ingress – effectively replicating traditional sheet or spray applied membrane systems.

MC-Building Chemicals leak sealing hydrostructural elastomer / acrylic gel technology has been embraced by the UK and European Rail and Highways sector, becoming the accepted alternative to traditional waterproofing, offering solutions and eliminating disruption and excessive costs.

As well as waterproofing existing basements, MC-Building Chemicals products can also be used in new construction. Properties undergoing refurbishment frequently have basements that will need upgrading so they can become drier and then converted into there desired room. These basements may be used for storage, offices, toilets, etc. which all require different levels of dryness. Buildings/structures aren’t always dry, water and water vapour will always exist.

  • Systems applied with no disruption to road or rail traffic above
  • Hundreds of structures successfully completed to-date including UK Heritage Bridges
  • Hydrostructural elastomer gel provides identical service life to traditional sheet and spray applied membrane systems
  • Entire structures or localised waterproofing solutions, including expansion / contraction joints, can be provided
  • Technical Management provided throughout all projects

To make the basement fit for refurbishment you must have control of the moisture and water that’s in the actual building structure and also the humidity and temperature, each of these will prove vital to rid your basement of any dampness and maintain a dry building. To achieve this you need to apply a waterproof coating inside the walls and floors, this needs to be done before insulation or decorating. Once the room is waterproofed/damp-proofed the air needs conditioning to maintain the right levels of humidity through sufficient ventilation or air conditioning. If this specification is not met then any moisture in the home will cause the humidity levels to rise.

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