MC Building Chemicals are Europe’s leading manufacturer of car park waterproofing solutions with one principal difference. All waterproofing works are carried out from the underside of any structure providing significantly reduced costs and disruption by eliminating expensive track up or highway excavations. In fact, all works are carried out with road and rail traffic functioning as normal.

MC Building chemicals have 60 years of car park waterproofing experience where they manufacture a undisruptive solution that prevents leaks and continued corrosion. It has the capability to seal bricks, stone, tunnels, car parks and many more with many key benefits:

  • Systems applied with no disruption to road or rail traffic above
  • Hundreds of structures successfully completed to-date including UK Heritage Bridges
  • Hydrostructural elastomer gel provides identical service life to traditional sheet and spray applied membrane systems
  • Entire structures or localised waterproofing solutions, including expansion / contraction joints, can be provided
  • Technical Management provided throughout all projects

It is essential to to use waterproof, surfacing and protection solutions to extend the longevity of a car park and maintain the investment to the car park owner. With the popular use of car parks and the standard showers in the UK the structure of these car parks can soon deteriorate and cause erosion, so protective systems are vital to keep maintenance work down. There are around 5,000 multi-storey and underground car parks in the UK all catering for the growing demand of the population. There are many of these structures that are still ignored and need significant improvement and so our solution can prolong the life of the car park and also improve the safety by waterproofing, surfacing and protecting the car park structure.

MC Building Chemicals have been successfully providing waterproofing systems for multi-storey and underground car parks for many years. With international experience we benefit from a unique solution that can maintain the car park structure with no disruption which means the service of the car ark can still be resumed. With no closures necessary this means no loss of income.

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