MC are a leading supplier of anti-graffiti / stain resistant paint systems providing protection to concrete and masonry substrates.

Technology developed from our anti-graffiti paints has allowed us to develop a range of exterior and interior paint systems that have ceramic properties resisting airborne contamination, bird droppings and graffiti. Our ‘Color Flare Vision’ paint system is particularly suitable in the coatings of inaccessible structures such as office blocks, hotels, airport buildings and city centre dwellings where, due to expected high levels of airborne contaminants from vehicle and air traffic pollution, future maintenance is likely to prove difficult and expensive. The coatings are available in a wide range of colours offering UV stability with unrivalled contaminant resistant properties.

These stain resistant properties provide a long-term solution ensuring a high quality aesthetic appearance to any structure.

  • Anti Graffiti system
  • Ceramic properties
  • Decoratively pleasing
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Available in a wide range of colours

Satin Resistant Paint

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Holiday Inn – M4 / J4 Heathrow

The Holiday Inn Group were experiencing particular difficulties in maintaining their corporate colour schemes at this hotel due to aviation fuel air pollution, and high levels of bird dropping contaminant.
In effect the building was continually exposed to a build-up of a thin film of the above resulting in an unsightly finish that was not in keeping with their corporate requirement.
Following extensive back to back trials, the MC Color Flair Vision ceramic paint system was selected as a suitable stain resistant solution that resisted contamination from the air borne pollutants.