Waste Management

MC are Europe’s leading solution providers in protective coatings to bunds, manholes, chambers and any other concrete or brick fluid containing structure. Our lining systems cover ph range 0 – 14 and are particularly popular in subterranean environments where higher levels of biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion occur, and acidic corrosion from high sugar content trade effluent such as soft drinks, dairy products and other general foodstuff production.

Many coatings within our range benefit from being open to vapour diffusion, therefore resisting the common problem of debonding from the host substrate due to water and damp intolerance. The systems are highly impact resistant, decoratively pleasing and easily cleaned, offering a long service life, regardless of the chemical attack.

  • Ph range 0 – 14 resistant
  • Damp tolerant vapour diffusion technology
  • Rapid installation and back to service
  • Technical Management throughout all projects provided

Crick to Rugby Sewage Pumping Station

Client: Severn Trent Water

A recently constructed Wet Well Pumping Chamber was suffering from severe biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion resulting in the significant loss of concrete section to the gas exposed surfaces within the tank.

The repair solution involved ultra high pressure water jetting to all surfaces followed by grit blasting the host concrete back to a sound alkaline substrate.

Following the above preparation the loss of section was replaced with Nafufill KM250 high strength structurally certificated repair mortar bringing the tank back to original specification, prior to the application of our seemless Ombran CPS lining system that is resistant to the full PH range 0 – 14.