MC Building Chemicals are Europe’s leading manufacturer of waterproofing solutions with one principal difference. All waterproofing works are carried out from the underside of any structure providing significantly reduced costs and disruption by eliminating expensive track up or highway excavations. In fact, all works are carried out with road and rail traffic functioning as normal.

The MC waterproofing injection system utilises 60 years of waterproofing experience in resin injection technology, where we have majored on undisruptive leak sealing of structures in brick, stone, in-situ, precast & steel bridges, and tunnels, providing a curtain injection solution of hydrostructural elastomer gel to the structure extrados, capable of dealing with heavy flow water ingress – effectively replicating traditional sheet or spray applied membrane systems.

MC Building Chemicals leak sealing hydrostructural elastomer / acrylic gel technology has been embraced by the UK and European Rail and Highways sector, becoming the accepted alternative to traditional waterproofing, offering solutions and eliminating disruption and excessive costs.

  • Systems applied with no disruption to road or rail traffic above
  • Hundreds of structures successfully completed to-date including UK Heritage Bridges
  • Hydrostructural elastomer gel provides identical service life to traditional sheet and spray applied membrane systems
  • Entire structures or localised waterproofing solutions, including expansion / contraction joints, can be provided
  • Technical Management provided throughout all projects


Droitwich Viaduct

Client: Network Rail

A 7 span traditional rail over road masonry brick structure suffering from water ingress issues.

Network Rail’s options were to use traditional ‘track up’ waterproofing means, however this solution was quickly ruled out due to track disruption and excessive cost.

The MC elastomer waterproofing solution was adopted as a suitable system with all waterproofing works being carried out from the underside of the structure without disruption or speed restriction to rail traffic above.

Network Rail and their contracting partners have both expressed their complete satisfaction with the MC system and have gone on to adopt this technique on numerous other structures.