Extreme Civil Engineering

MC Building Chemicals have a long association with extreme engineering throughout the UK and Europe having established ourselves in providing fireproof concrete repair solutions in tunnels, bridges, high-rise structures, such as power station chimneys and jetty environments. 

Our Nafufill KM250 repair mortar is a structural, high strength material, with F120 fire certification making it the perfect choice for environments where fire risks are present, such as car fires in car parks or tunnels, through to petrochemical site jetties, where the risk of explosions and fires are ever present. Nafufill KM250 is a versatile mortar and can be used to repair damaged structures or fireproof any existing host concrete to provide compliance, to site specific fireproofing requirements.

The system is rapidly applied using wet spray technology, allowing return to service of structures within 24 hours of completion, providing a robust structurally enhanced mortar finish that meets modern fire regulations.

Areas of expertise include:

Coal Silo Refurbishment

Area: Lincolnshire

A series of coal silos required structural enhancement & repair to withstand internal fluctuating loads.

A key aspect of the client’s requirements was for a repair system that was both structural, and fire rated.
NAFUFILL KM250 was selected as it has attained a structural R4 classification and meets with the F120 (120 mins) tunnel fire test.

Additional surface protect from carbonation and pollutants was provided by use of the MC COLOR System leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish.